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Father's Day Permit Pack Father's Day Permit Pack Father's Day Permit Pack
Father's Day Permit Pack Father's Day Permit Pack Father's Day Permit Pack

Father’s Day Permit Pack



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  • 3 pack D.A.D Field Notes
  • 1 D.A.D. Pencil
  • 1 D.A.D. Eraser
  • 1 D.A.D. Button Pin
  • 3 Partially Written Post Cards
  • 1 Leather Case Holder

When we, the Dad’s of Field Notes, Young Jerks, and Misc. Goods, decided to create this box, each of us wanted to bring our own inspiration to the assortment. Objects, designs, humor and whole-hearted sincerity that represent the dads we’ve become.

The Advice Angler. The Deal Hunter. The Eye Rester.
The Lawn Don. Dad.

Celebration of all Fathers

The Father's Day Permit Pack is a celebration of all Fathers, their idiosyncrasies, and everything that makes a Dad a Dad. Highly usable and easy on the eyes, the collection utilizes the language of procedural permitting in a way most Dads will appreciate, but all will surely respect. A place for Dad to plan his next project or a handy way to help his more "forgettable" moments.

Father's Day Permit Pack

From the ‘Desk of Dad’

his special set includes 3 Field Notes memo books (3½" × 5½), and 3 Dad-Libs Postcards for easy parent-child communication. And from the ‘Desk of Dad’ - a No. 1 pencil for sketching out the way the plumbing SHOULD go and a ‘Bureau of Lawn Mgmt’ pink eraser for those times Dad forgets to measure twice. All this fits inside a custom leather case (7” by 4”) for everyday carry so Dad can always remember who his favorite kid (it's you).

Father's Day Permit Pack

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