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Single Case Black playing cards Playing cards
Double Case Sandstone playing cards Playing cards
Single Case Black playing cards Playing cards
Double Case Sandstone playing cards Playing cards





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  • Vegetable Tan Leather
  • Waxed cotton thread
  • Hand stitched
  • Black deck of playing cards included
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegetable Tan Leather
  • Waxed cotton thread
  • Hand stitched
  • Ivory and Sandstone of playing cards included
  • Made in the USA

Style at the Table

Meant to carry your favorite deck of cards, this leather case brings a subtle, classic element of design to your table. Packaged with our black deck of playing cards, this leather case will age with you and keep your game safe where ever life takes you.

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The Beginning of all things Misc.

Playing cards were the first product owner/designer Tyler Deeb ever made. After an enormously succesful Kickstarter campaign — Misc. Goods Co. was born.

Finest of All Playing Cards

The MGCO playing cards give new perspective to the classic style of this historical game. Weaving in new ideas, this new art gives subtle references to the characters’ back stories while utilizing every premium part of the cards production. Our customers will sit and study the cards and that to us is most gratifying. You can read one of the most detailed of these responses here.

Single case on table
Double case on table

Art, Etc.


With an nod to the classic aesthetic of traditional playing cards, this deck pays tribute to the old style while adding nuance. If you look closely, there is a drama playing out throughout each court card.


Custom made numbers and letters.


Made in the USA by USPCC in Erlanger Kentucky.

Playing cards design
Hands holding playing cards

Ned L. Verified Buyer


Each colored deck has its charms. I own at least one of each. As I’ve refreshed my supply (we play a lot of Cribbage), I’ve watched the graphics and materials evolve. They’re great out-of-the-case and break in well."

Accompany with

Carry your new deck with one of our leather playing cards cases. Either our single case or double case will add the right amount of style to your next poker night. Stash your winnings (or pay out your losses) with our Keep It slim flap wallet and toast your victory with our ceramic flask.

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Cards and Case

High quality case. I have had for years. Stands up to the years of moves and use. Cards are best quality product I’ve owned and unique in style to all other cards out there.

Collin C.

I purchased a pack of these back in April or so, and it did not ship with the red pack but came with a white and black. I asked if there was something wrong, and they said production was off due to covid but they would send me a red pack at no charge once they made more. They did just that about a month later. Overall very happy with the customer service and quality of the cards is difficult to put into words. Just beautiful.