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Smell Good

The way we smell, in a sense — can be kind. When we're crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in a subway car or hanging with friends we want to smell good. The problem is, a good smell is hard to find.

That's where we can help!

Underhill Valley of Gold


Solid or Liquid

Our premium colognes are made to tell a story as interesting as you. Whether it’s the rustic, leather and tobacco scent of Underhill or the fresh floral smell of woods from Valley of Gold, both colognes are made from the world’s best natural essential oils and botanical extracts.

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Solid cologne application Solid cologne application
Potted plant Deodorant sticks


Natural & Aluminum Free

Finding a good-smelling deodorant has always felt impossible; until now with our best smelling Natural Deodorants.

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Corkboard Hand sanitizer and Soap


Hand Sanitizer & Natural Soaps

Our Hand Sanitizer and Soaps kill germs while smelling great — bringing fresh earthy aromas to your cleaning routine.

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Pottery Incense holder and sticks


Underhill Incense & Holders

Influenced by centuries of ritual; our incense and holders bring our best selling fragrance, Underhill, into your home.

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That's not all!

More Good

Ever Seen Beware
Sorting playing cards Sorting playing cards

Good Game

Playing Cards & Cases

The cards you play with, the flask you’re holding and the wallet where you stash your winnings (or pay out your losses!), should be more than ordinary. This collection of playing cards and holders brings new attention and style to ancient game of cards.

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Good Goods

Flasks, Wallets, Mirrors and Art

Sometimes the best things are simple. Our Good Goods collection features some of our favorite everyday products. Whether it's your leather wallet — made to be strong — or the ceramic flask standing on the mantle. We design these goods to be the best of the best.

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Uncorking flask Uncorking flask

Best Sellers

These are the items our customers come back for time and time again -- the products Misc. Goods Co. is built on.

Burst We Must Decide How To Spend

Attention! — Details, Mission, Etc.

We create products with purpose at Misc. Goods Co. — keepsakes which are set apart in both design and quality, without compromising the belief that all people are created equal and have the right to hard work and fair wages.

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