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Ceramic Flask




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  • Quarter inch walls
  • Holds 11oz
  • 4.5" by 6.5"
  • Leather straps
  • Brass hardware
  • Foil stamped
  • Cork Top
  • Made in the USA

Ode to the Classic

Designed to reference the historic culture of distilling spirits, this classic ceramic flask is newly designed but with a nod to its predecessors. It is a drinking flask made for the casual picnic, bar top or mantle. Accented with embossing and leather fastening with brass hardware.

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Hand Made in the USA

When done to perfection, the art of ceramics is unmatched and our flasks are created with devotion, by the hands of the most skilled artisans.

Preserve Your Spirit

Upholding the integrity of your favorite booze is essential to appreciating the craft of distilling and extending hospitality to whomever you're sharing a drink with. Our cearmic flask is fully glazed, inside and out and wont taint your spirits taste or color. While also carrying a distinct style that's unsurpassed by any other decanter.

Flask pouring

Made in America

The Process

Each flask is cast in our master mold, fired, detailed, glazed, fired again, finished with a foil stamp, then fired one last time. This meticoulous process goes through many touches and finishes before complete.

Why America?

We work exclusively in the USA for two reasons — The quality we've found is uncomparable and the assurance we have that our products are made ethically is secure.

Why Ceramic

The history of ceramics is ancient — and we find a reverance in that. It also preserves the taste of your alcohol, without diminishing it's quality.

Flask stamp
Leather strips
Flask in case
Un-corking flask


"On Point ...

For those who appreciate quality craftsmanship, the Ceramic Flask is on point. This flask is crafted from quarter inch ceramic and is accented with a pair of vegetable tanned leather straps, a brass stud, and a brass button that together secure its vintage-style cork stopper."

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Myles Cooley
Fantastic Gift!

Got both colors for a couple close friends. Quality is fantastic and they look incredible! They feel weighty in the hand without being too heavy or bulky.

The King of Flasks

The design is brilliant down to the imprinted caption 'in moderation to the end of days'. The white ceramic material screams quality. The flask is quite big; but perfectly fit for use. My Misc Goods order arrived with a personalized note. An amazing touch - and truly the best e-commerce customer service I have witnessed.


When I received the package, i didn’t expect it to be as heavy as it was. I then unboxed the flask and instantly felt manlier! This thing is big in your hand and feels great! I know my pals are gonna order one of these bad boys. Im definitely buying the black one also. These will make excellent fathers day presents

Elliott Thompson
Ceramic flask review

I flipping love it!!

Absolutely the best!!

I absolutely love this flask!!

I was using a stainless steel flask and it just did not leave a good taste. So I said I wish they made a ceramic flask and lo and behold they do!!
And to top it off i found one made in the USA!
It’s heavy and feels substantial in my big hands! I love it and the taste of the liquor coming out of it is perfect! No nasty aftertaste! I keep taking sips to make sure that I’m really tasting just the liquid I put in it and nothing else! I never write reviews but I just had to make one to rave about this American made flask! I love supporting American made products whenever I can and I will be purchasing another one for a friend of mine after I’m done writing this review!! Great product!!