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Solid Cologne




  • Underhill

    Earthy, Wood, Leather, Rosemary

  • Valley of Gold

    Fresh, Garden, Balanced, Rose

  • Refills

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  • Walnut Wood case
  • Brass inlay
  • 3" by 2.3"
  • .2oz
  • Valley of Gold fragrance blend
  • Bees wax and Jojoboa OIl
  • Made in the USA

Underhill Scent Explained

Inspired by the smells of traveling in nature. A mix of 14 ingredients, the fragrance is deep and complex with aromas of wild herbs such as Rosemary and Athelas, along with leather, pipe tobacco, several wood species, open air and a sweet scent of freshly poured (or spilled) ale.

Valley of Gold Scent Explained

Valley of Gold is the smell of wild gardens in blossom amidst woods; a place where rose, lavender, geranium, myrtle and broom flower grow freely alongside rosemary, honey bush and surrounding trees. This arrangement creates a balanced, floral, earthy smell, which combines 11 ingredients.

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Best of the Best

Made from the best essential and fragrant oils in the world, our colognes, produced from natural ingredients, are unique in both smell and design.

Smells From the Earth

Our quest to create the perfect smells took years of work and we lost count of prototypes. But were over-joyed with the results. Two complex, earthy and unique scents that capture the simple complexity of our favorite smells from nature. Underhill, a rustic smell of journeying deep into the woods and Valley of Gold, a stroll through the overgrown space between mountains in spring.

Our Colognes are Refillable

Each cologne fragrance is melted together with beeswax and jojoba oil, then hand poured into replaceable metal inserts, protected by our custom hardwood case. Each case is inlaid with brass and clasped together by earth magnets. They can be carried easily in your pocket, bag and they are airplane friendly.

Nick. Verified Buyer


Tried on it on a recommendation. It's easy to apply and lasts a long time. The scent is balanced and smells great without being overwhelming. The holder is well-designed too."

Accompany with

Carry your new deck with one of our leather playing cards cases. Either our single case or double case will add the right amount of style to your next poker night. Stash your winnings (or pay out your losses) with our Keep It slim flap wallet and toast your victory with our ceramic flask.

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I have gotten compliments already!

I absolutely love this perfume! So deep yet fresh! I tend to like more masculine scents and this is absolutely perfect! Love it!

Beautiful wooden container with stunning

Beautiful wooden container with stunning scents...

Using it everyday

I really, really love the scent of it. I was a little bit worried of buying this product because it was my first time buying this product and I ordered this from SOUTH KOREA, which means it is quite tiresome to get a refund if the product is unsatisfying. But it turned out that this thing is more than satisfying. The build quality is good, and the scent is sweet and earthy in a good way and has a touch of elegant smokiness at the end, which I really LOVE. Surely will buy the additional cartridge when it's all used up.

Very Pleased

The scent is fantastic and subtle and I love the application method which allows you to have better control of how much to apply. The refillable wood case is beautiful too.

Naturally Understated

The word 'cologne' usually conjures images of Brian Fantana sauntering into the room doused with headache-inducing Sex Panther. Underhill is the opposite of that. It's a warm, quietly-confident scent that's like a cozy log cabin on a crisp autumn day. The refillable, hand-crafted wooden case is beautifully designed and durable. Well done.