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Goods, Etc.

Sometimes the good thing we want to make doesn't fit underneath one simple category — But that wont stop us from building. This is a collection of all the every day goods we've made gooder.

Leather Wallets

Handstitched with quality leather, made with close attention to design, our collection of wallets are made to carry what you need for a lifetime.

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The Moon is Down Leather Belt

Our Moon is Down Leather Belt is made by hand with the best materials we could find. Making sure that this product will last you a life-time.

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Ceramic Flasks

Our custom take on the classic art of personal vessels; this ceramic flask is designed to look good while protecting your spirits.

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Canvas Dopp Kit

A roll-top design fastened by leather strap and brass rings, made to carry your soap, deodorant and other necessities when you’re on the road.

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Incense Products

Designed for everyday use, our incense and holders are made to bring the our best –selling fragrance, Underhill, into your home.

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Here Lies Mirror

A vanity mirror to provoke humility. With black glass, etched with diamond bits and framed in walnut, a reminder of the passing of time.

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Inspired by the complexities of life, this art by owner Tyler Deeb is screen printed white on heavy navy paper.

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Uncut Sheet

These exclusive printer sheets are the uncut posters from our re-designed deck of playing cards. They can be framed or hung freely.

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Hand Made,
Select Process

With each design we consider three things — the product should be simple, useful and all around good. From the material we use, the function it has and the people we partner with to have it made.

Made In America

Being good is more than just design or service. A big part of being good for us is manufacturing. We make everything in the USA in order to have confidence that each aspect of production is done fairly.

The Materials

Our goods are designed with a sense of timelessness. That means the materials we make them from must be timeless - American hardwoods, the highest grade leather, premium fragrances and ingredients from nature.