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Hand Sanitizer

Clean Hands & Good Smells

Everything you Need ...

Life is moving extremely fast these days, and washing your hands with soap and water isn’t always an option. Take care of yourself and help those you care about keep their hands clean with Underhill Hand Sanitizer. With the ability to kill 99.99 percent of germs Underhill Hand Sanitizer is a product you can trust. A simple formulation made with naturally-derived, plant-based ethanol, aloe and our own complex mixture of fragrant oils, you will be able to effectively eliminate illness-causing germs anywhere you go – at home, at work, and when you’re out and about. One squirt of Underhill Hand Sanitizer will take care of you wherever you need to be.

... While Also Smelling Good

No one has ever enjoyed putting on hand sanitizer — until now. Seriously. Underhill hand sanitizer incorporates our precious fragrances made from the world’s best natural essential oils and botanical extracts to make the simple act of cleaning your hands also smell great.

By infusing an alcohol sanitizer base with our premium fragrance oils, we've created a serious germ killer that smells seriously good. Our fragrances have become one of misc. Goods' most proud achievements. Our team spent months conceptualizing these scents. We designed 20 prototypes before we landed on a complex, earthy and unique fragrance that makes Underhill hand sanitizer the best you can buy.


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