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Natural Soap




  • Underhill

    Earthy, Wood, Leather, Rosemary

  • Valley of Gold

    Fresh, Garden, Balanced, Rose

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  • Natural soap
  • Plastic Free
  • No parabens, sulfates or gluten
  • Vegan friendly
  • 5.2 oz bar
  • Fresh natural, earth fragrance
  • Goes on Smooth
  • Made in the USA

Underhill Scent Explained

Inspired by the smells of traveling in nature. A mix of 14 ingredients, the fragrance is deep and complex with aromas of wild herbs such as Rosemary and Athelas, along with leather, pipe tobacco, several wood species, open air and a sweet scent of freshly poured (or spilled) ale.

Valley of Gold Scent Explained

Valley of Gold is the smell of wild gardens in blossom amidst woods; a place where rose, lavender, geranium, myrtle and broom flower grow freely alongside rosemary, honey bush and surrounding trees. This arrangement creates a balanced, floral, earthy smell, which combines 11 ingredients.

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Soft, Clean Skin — Good Smells

Our natural soaps bring the worlds best essential and fragrant oils to your daily shower. A custom blend that smells good and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Smells From
the Earth

Our quest to create the perfect smells took years of work and we lost count of prototypes. But were over-joyed with the results. Two complex, earthy and unique scents that capture the simple complexity of our favorite smells from nature. Underhill, a rustic smell of journeying deep into the woods and Valley of Gold, a stroll through the overgrown space between mountains in spring.

Safe Ingredients

Sodium Palmate

Palm oil is obtained by extracting oil from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm plant

Sodium Palm Kernelate

Moisturizing element also derived from Palm fruit

Stearyl Alcohol

An organic compound to help soften the skin and hair

Dead Sea Salt

Also known as Maris Sal and contains essential minerals for the skin

Shea Butter

Also known as Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, a great moisturizer that holds antioxidants and vitamins

Aloe Vera

Also known as Aloe Barbadensis, this evergreen perennial is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses

Other Ingredients

Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Leaf Juice, Pentasodium Pentetate

Kristen Verified Buyer

"The only soap I use now...

I’m a huge fan of all Misc Goods products! I was so excited to try out their soap! Well it didn’t disappoint! The only soap I use now! Leaves my skin feeling soft and clean! And the scent is incredible!!!!"

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great product

Best bar of soap I’ve ever used.



Smells gorgeous, keeps you clean!

Smells really nice, keeps you sparkling clean!! I have mine in a soap bar holder/pouch that hangs under the shower that you use to apply the soap. The soap is lovely.


Sincerely, bathing with this soap is a unique experience. No other scent out there matches how invigorating and transporting underhill is. Scenes of high fantasy countrysides, forest, and rural town come to mind. Underhill has one foot grounded on reality and another on Tolkien’s middle earth.

Fresh and Natural

I was initially worried about using scented soap, as I have more sensitive skin. I figured since I already use and love the deodorant, I decided to give the soap a go. Turns out, it's great on my skin. It's great in the morning in the shower when I need a soothing wake up call. Even my girlfriend loves the smell. The scent generally doesn't stay too long on your skin, but maybe I just got used to the smell? I think it's probably a good thing that the scent isn't too everlasting so that it doesn't come off like a over-powering cologne, or a heavy-teenage body spray.