A Few Thoughts
& Notes, Etc.

Misc. Goods has come together by many experiences and inspirations. We'll be adding journal entries to this page throughout the year; explaining the why, what and inspiration behind the things we make.


A little bit of reasoning and explanation to the how and why of all things Misc. Goods.

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The post-active glow with Luke Beard

The post-active glow with Luke Beard

A lot of walking led to even more running, which led to the creation of Any Distance.

History of Incense

A Brief History of Incense

... and How to Discover Your Favorite Scents Today.

Gift Guide

Gift Guide

As a Kentucky based company specializing in leather goods, premium fragrances, and quality gifts, we have something for everyone this Holiday Season.

Celebrating Ten Years

Celebrating Ten Years

New playing cards, a special anniversary coffee blend with our friends at Quills Coffee and a once-in-a-decade party to top it off.

Zac & Tyler

Meet the Team Pt. 1 - Zac & Tyler

The human touch is behind everything we do. Figuratively. As in we design and make products for real, human use. We want to create daily objects that feel good in your hand.

Solid Cologne

The Ultimate Guide to Solid Cologne

We call them “flashes.” The memories that burst into your brain, triggered by one of your senses.

PPL x MGCO Slim Wallet

How We Met Peter McKinnon

You may read what we’re about to say as a confession, given the current state of the internet. But it’s not. It’s just a fact. Ready?

Celaya Tequila

Celaya Tequila

After much hard work, countless hours of planning, pivoting ... struggling, we are ready to put Celaya Tequila into the world.

Noel and Kids

Mother, Etc.

However, long before Misc. Goods began to grow in success and in employees, there was one person at the beginning who was at Tyler’s side through it all - Noel Deeb.

New York

Trade Show life

So, when it comes to things I do at Misc. Goods Co. traveling to trade shows is one of the things I really enjoy.

Deeb Family

Year In Review 2021

After the globally disastrous year of 2020 ... we at Misc. Goods needed to bounce back and I'm very thankful to report that we did!

Smelling our Smells

Why Make Smells?

I started of my career as a graphic designer. Somehow, that eventually brought me to designing my own smells.

Tyler Deeb at Coffee Shop

Year In Review 2020

I wasn't sure Misc. Goods would make it to the other side. Because of you all, we did. A summary of 2020's highs and lows.

Tyler Deeb giving talk

Don't Chase Glory, Work Hard and Be Satisfied

Watch as Misc. Goods owner and designer Tyler Deeb speaks at Creative Mornings in Louisville, KY on the subject of Work.

Tyler Deeb in front of shipping containers

Our History

Misc. Goods Co. wasn't started from a strategy among entrepreneurial hopefuls. It was borne by accident through hard work mixed with good fortune and ... generous customers.

Close up of work tattoo

Talking About Creative Endurance W/ Lorelumin

Misc. Goods owner Tyler Deeb and Harrison discuss the challenges of balancing creative ownership and ambition...

Rolling out material

The Goodness of Work

It was when I lived briefly in Oakland, California that I first began to call myself a designer.

Playing cards on table

Misc. Goods Playing Cards Reviwed by Boing Boing

"Every court card, every symbol and boarder has gotten as much attention as any deck I've ever seen. It's clear that this was a labor of love..."

Playing rummy at table, multiple Tyler Deebs present

Learn How to Play Rummy on Things We Known't

NA video series by Misc. Goods Co. explaining certain things that you already know, but don’t.