The Ultimate Guide to

Solid Cologne

We call them “flashes.”
The memories that burst into your brain,
triggered by one of your senses.


Our goal for Greyhaven was to take you somewhere familiar and yet mysterious. A place that reminded you of city by the sea. Full of life, mystery and new smells.


For Meadowland, we wanted to take you to a more peaceful place. A country of fields underneath snow-capped mountains. Quiet, peaceful yet renowned.

Maybe the sound of a familiar voice that takes you back to someone you used to be close with. Maybe the hook of a song that takes you back to road tripping with the windows down. Maybe the touch of a fabric. Or the sight of your hometown skyline.

For us, smell is a huge trigger for memory flashes. And upon a quick Google search, it appears we’re not alone.

“Scent bypasses the thalamus and goes straight to the brain's smell center, known as the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus.”

Which is just fancy talk for… Scent can trigger memories faster and stronger than other senses.

Knowing this, we try to use it to our advantage. Via cologne.

If we’re going on a vacation to the beach, we wear a specific scent.
If we’re going to a concert, we wear a specific scent.
If we’re going out with our partner, we wear a specific scent.
If we’re going back home to see our family, we wear a specific scent.


So that if we ever need to feel like we’re at the beach or feel like we’re going home, we can wear that scent and enjoy the memory flashes.

Which brings us to… Solid Cologne.

By now, you’ve probably heard of it. Or even dabbled in it. But it’s relatively new, compared to liquid colognes. So for the launch of our fourth scent, we wanted to put together a guide on all things solid cologne to answer any questions you may have.

What is Solid Cologne?


For Meadowland, we wanted to take you to a more peaceful place. A country of fields underneath snow-capped mountains. Quiet, peaceful yet renowned.

Cologne Application
Cologne in Pocket

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s a solid version of traditional liquid cologne. Think chap-stick texture. Our solid colognes start with a base of natural ingredients--beeswax and jojoba oil. Then, we add some of the best essential and fragrant oils to create each of our scents. Most other solid colognes are made the same way, starting with a base formula for texture and then adding essential oils for fragrance.

How to Use Solid Cologne

Like liquid colognes, there’s no one process that fits all here. Some folks prefer to spray cologne out in front of them and walk through the mist. Some prefer to hit the wrists. Others prefer the neck. And some do all the above.

Solid cologne works the same. It’s about finding your preference. Instead of spritzing, you’ll take one or two fingers and rub the solid cologne for a few seconds. Then, apply what’s on your finger(s) to your wrist, neck, or preferred areas.

What’s the Difference Between Solid Cologne and Liquid Cologne?

Cologne Application
Cologne Application
Cologne Spray

Beyond the obvious of consistency, there are a few notable differences. One of the most important differences has to do with travel. When flying, you can only carry-on liquids of 3.4 ounces or less. Solid cologne has no limit. So it’s easy to throw in your bag no matter how you’re traveling.

The other major difference is with ingredients. A lot of liquid colognes start with an alcoholic substance, whereas most solid colognes are made with more natural ingredients. That’s not to say one is better or worse. But if liquid colognes are too harsh for your skin/preference, you may want to try a solid.

In our world, we use both. Some days we prefer a spritz. Some days we prefer a solid cologne. Some days we do both. But when it comes to traveling, we always opt to throw in a solid cologne for no-fuss ease.

About Misc. Goods Co. Solid Cologne

Before we talk scent, let’s talk design. Because we like our cologne to feel and look as good as it smells.

Each of our solid colognes comes in a custom hardwood case inlaid with brass and clasped together by earth magnets. So you slide the wood case to open it, and let it snap back into place via the magnets to close it.

And the metal and brass inserts that contain the solid colognes are refillable for sustainability. So you don’t have to order a whole new unit when you’re ready for a refill. You just need the insert and you can keep using your hardwood case.

Each cologne fragrance is melted together with beeswax and jojoba oil, then hand poured into replaceable metal inserts. Overall, we create unisex scents that are inspired by the natural world. Mountains. Fields. Seas. Fresh air. Flowers. Trees. Dirt.

We offer four different unique custom made smells.


Underhill Cologne

The smell of freshly poured (or spilled) beer fills the room as friends sit and re-tell stories of their travels. The room is filled with smells of pipe tobacco, leather, pine, cedar and the breeze of autumn leaves blowing in from outside.

Valley of Gold

Valley of Gold Cologne

The canopy of golden leaves guides the way to a wild garden blooming deep in the woods. A refuge of rose, lavender, geranium and rosemary for travelers happily lost along their way.


Meadowland Cologne

Rolling hills of tall, sun-bleached grass blowing beneath snow-capped mountains. The sweetness of the freshly-cut hay mixed with the earthy smells from a day of hard work bring together a scent as old as time.

& The All New Grey Haven

Grey Haven Cologne

Imagine Underhill but you turn your feet towards the sea and start walking. As you emerge from the woods you enter a bustling town pressing against the ocean. The air is swirling with salt, brine, green moss and white wine. The smells of the spice market and morning rain. It's time to rest.

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