The post-active glow with

Luke Beard

A lot of walking led to even more running, which led to the creation of Any Distance.

As most of us experienced, 2020 was a year that led us through unchartered territory, disrupted our routines, tossed us into a dry cycle and tumbled us until all the threads tore loose.

For Luke Beard, it became the impetus to creating Any Distance with his co-founder, Daniel Kuntz. In the early stages of the pandemic Luke began walking to move his body, and get outside. And as it goes, he started to feel better. As a self-proclaimed over-sharer, he thankfully documented his progress online. His beautiful and artful creations were met with interest and intrigue after sharing moments from his walks, often featuring his photography, unique visualizations of his route, and activity stats.

“What app is that?” Twitter friends would ask. The answer was none, at the time. Now, it’s Any Distance — a privacy-driven activity tracking app with safety-first sharing and soon to be, social community.

Any Distance currently offers native tracking for over 90 different activities. The usual suspects are there: walking, running and cycling. Perhaps unexpectedly, (but maybe not, for those who know Luke’s unique sense of taste and style), Any Distance also includes cultural phenomenons and more inclusive activities. Like, Hot Girl Walk, Stroller Runs and Wheelchair activities.

Once you complete your activity, you’ll land on a thoughtfully-designed template to allow you to share your activity. Customize it however you’d like, use an image you captured, swap out the color scheme, change your fonts, select your stats, etc. It’s yours to create, share, and celebrate.

There’s much more under the surface, if you’d like to dig in.

Any Distance, for all

For the Any Distance Active Club (or ADAC for short) the focus is motivation and celebration. The burgeoning community welcomes and celebrates movement of any type, distance, and pace. It’s not a competition, it’s advancement towards a common goal — improving human wellness one step, roll, jump, and moment of mindfulness at a time. Truly, #anydistancecounts


The Not So Active Club

While movement and living an active lifestyle are important tenets of the Any Distance Active Club community, Luke, Dan, and the team also recognize the importance of rest. Allowing the body to recuperate and the mind to ease, is a must.

Enter, the Not So Active Club, a space for and the gentle encouragement to be mindful, to slow down, and be present. It’s a kind reminder to take and enjoy what serves you, and leave behind what doesn’t.

Roll-On Cologne 1
Roll-On Cologne 2

The Not So Active Club launched with its first product, the Mountain Candle and now it’s rolling out (literally) its second product from the collection, the Post-Active Roll On in collaboration with us here at Misc. Goods Co.

Any Distance x Misc. Goods Co.

A fan of Misc. Goods Co. already, Luke opted for the scent he consistently reaches for, Greyhaven. The moss, pine, and saltwater trio roll-on incredibly smooth for that post-active glow. It’s fresh, light, and reminiscent of lush outdoor vignettes.

Greyhaven 50ml
Greyhaven 10ml

And, whether you find yourself outdoors or in, move your body in whichever way feels best to you in that moment. It all counts. And to celebrate the collaboration for a limited time you can get 20% off anything in the Misc Good Co. store.

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