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Video by Justin Gustavinson
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Learn How to Play Rummy on Things We Known't

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Rummy Explained w/Gifs

Step 1: Shuffle.

There’s more than one way to skin this cat.

Step 2: Points.

Determine the amount of points it will take to win the game.

Step 3: Deal Cards.

Two players get 10 cards a piece, three to four players get 7 cards a piece and five to six players get 6 cards a piece.

Step 4: Stock and Discard Pile

After you’ve dealt, lay the remaining cards face down on the table, creating the “Discard Pile” and then flip over the top card, creating a “Discard Pile”.

Step 5: Know the Object of Game.

Be the first person to get rid of all the cards you were dealt by laying them down before your opponents. Forcing them to give you the points left in their hands.

Step 6: Melds

You get rid of your cards by creating “Melds” and those are either a Set of three to four cards of the same number or a run of three to four cards in sequence of the same suit. You can mix the suits in the sequence of a Run as long as they all create one large Meld to be laid down together.

Step 7: Your Turn

You can build your melds by picking up a card from either the Stock Pile or Discard Pile during your turn. You will finish your turn by laying a card of your choice on to the Discard Pile.

Step 8: Laying Down a Meld

Once you’ve built a Meld, you can lay it face up on the table and if available, match the rest of your cards with Melds laid on the table by your opponents.

Step 9: Winner

If you are able to lay down all of the cards you were dealt before your opponents, then you become the winner. Congratulations. You winner.

Step 10: Add Score

The losers will add up the points remaining in their hands and collectively apply them to the winner. Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth ten points, Aces are worth one point and each number is worth it’s pip value (nines are worth nine points, etc.).

Step 11: Going Rummy

The strategy called “Going Rummy” is when you lay down all your cards at once. This is risky, but if you’re successful then you get to double the amount of points left in your opponents hand.

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