New playing cards, a special anniversary coffee blend with our friends at Quills Coffee and a once-in-a-decade party to top it off

October of 2022 marks our 10-year anniversary. So this month, we’re not just hosting a dinner party (btw, you’re invited). We’re also introducing some exciting new products and partnerships.

Buckle up. It wouldn’t be a Misc. Goods anniversary party month without miscellaneous ways to celebrate with us.

But First, Coffee

Yes. We’re celebrating 10 years of business. But right before Tyler created Misc. Goods, he was the first hire of Quills Coffee and later helped design one of their first logos. Thus, our very own anniversary edition of tasty beans.

Quills Coffee
Quills Coffee

See You October 28?

We love celebrating digitally via Kickstarter, but we’re also not allergic to an IRL party. Join us for a five-course dinner, open bar, live dj, pop-up shop, and more at Quills on October 28.

Get your tickets here

Kickstarting the Party

In 2012, the first ever Misc. Goods Kickstarter campaign launched for our original deck of playing cards.

Today, ten years later, we’re heading back to where it all started. In honor of our first successful Kickstarter campaign that led to the creation of Misc. Goods Co., we’re launching another Kickstarter campaign with limited edition goods.

The Etc. Limited Edition Collection

The limited edition of colorized cards is only available in October via our Kickstarter campaign. We repeat. Only available during our 10-year anniversary month in October via our Kickstarter page.

We may have went a little overboard for this celebration. Because we didn’t just design a limited, colorized deck of playing cards. We actually created a whole lineup of goods worthy of filling your party favor bag.

Misc. Goods Co. Products

After October, be on the lookout for The Etc. Deck, that will be available on our site permanently. But it’s also available via some of the Kickstarter packages today. So if you want to save some extra bucks by bundling with the limited edition goods, definitely check out some of the options there.

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